Mindfisher Games:

We make Casual Mobile Games for South Asia! We have 5+ Million downloads & 5 Apple features! Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh- we are a team of 27! Now making ‘Mukti Camp’ a sequel to our popular Heroes of 71 Series!

Why We Make Games?

It’s quite simple; it’s the same reason why writers write and artists paint because we can. Given that we were the first generation to have video games become an essential part of our childhood, game development has naturally become a part of our everyday lives.

Mindfisher Games Vision:

Deliver billion moments of fun across South Asia

Mindfisher Games Mission:

To Bring and engage South Asian’s into Mobile Games with the content they love.

Mindfisher Games Values:

  1.   We are a Game (Own Product) focused Company.
  2.   We iterate fast, collect user feedback and improve.
  3.   We are lean and believe in Frugal Innovation.
  4.   We choose Long Term Growth over short-term profitability.
  5.   We care for our people and give them the scope to grow.

Who is a Fisher?

A fisher is a person who firmly believes in our vision, mission and values; works efficiently towards reaching our goals.

What it takes to be a Fisher:

  1. A Fisher can be of any Gender, Race and Religion!
  2. A Fisher loves Console, PC and Mobile Games!
  3. A Fisher is smart and works even smarter!
  4. A Fisher knows ‘players are always right’
  5. A Fisher is respectful towards fellow Fishers!
  6. A Fisher is honest, brave and straightforward!
  7. A Fisher is fun to be around! (Or amazingly talented)
  8. A Fisher loves to take on challenging tasks!
  9. A Fisher is responsible and takes ownership!
  10. A Fisher never stops learning! Not even for a day!